Business Learning: Did The 10 In 70-20-10 Become 10 Because It Just Sucked So Badly?


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Business Learning: Did the 10 in 70-20-10 become 10 because it just sucked so badly?

My good friend and fellow Celemi facilitator, James Van Der Westhuizen, from South Africa, is this week’s guest columnist. He is really giving us something to think about regarding training.

Below is an excerpt from his article:

Having a group of people in a room – able to focus on learning, getting to know each other, benchmarking their skills against each other and getting to practice and learn by doing is an exceptionally effective way of developing real skills.

True interactive learning where we allow participants to try out their knowledge, use and refine their gut feel and see how their decisions impact the end goal has a powerful effect on performance. It allows many years worth of “experience” to be compressed into a day or two; it allows participants to see the big picture and to “know” in a way that allows them to act differently. Most importantly it’s fun.

Follow the link above to read his words of wisdom.

He does an excellent job of presenting a case for Table Top Business Simulations®.