Crash The Barrier: Build Your Team

Learn how to operate successfully within a team. Do you set your team up for success or failure? This program is designed to teach you, as a leader, how to build teams and group interactions through a virtual setting or an on-sites, hands-on experience. Walk away with specific actions to develop your current team and integrate new employees into the team.

  • Understanding Barriers Inside Your Team
  • The Circle of Invitation
  • Un-agreed to Expectations are Resentments Waiting to Happen
  • Plan, Problem Solve, Process and Improve

Virtual session: Four, 90-minute sessions over two days or more depending on availability and scheduling.

In-Person session: Delivered in a half-day or full-day session as a private on-site program.

Contact us for more details  sue@A360C.Com

Crash the Barrier - Build Your Team