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Change Management Training

A case study with our client details the session and the takeaways of the individuals who participated in the training.

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Change management is an essential skill for every employee. This is the newest change management training to come to the United States.

The ability to engage employees in change is rapidly becoming a key determining factor of business success. Your leaders need a clear understanding of the factors involved, so they can take action and lead change effectively.

In our fast-paced business environment, organizations constantly need to reinvent themselves– and their tools and processes – to stay on top of the game. Increasingly, it is, therefore, the agility and adaptability among employees, rather than specific skill sets, that provide a critical competitive advantage.

So, what does it take to build greater “openness to change” in an organization? As in many other areas, success breeds success. Professionally handled change implementations build confidence, and negative experiences feed future resistance.

Putting on the change glasses

Organizations have much to gain by reflecting on how they view and handle the process of change. When do you put on the “change glasses” in your organization? In many companies, there is no clear definition of when an initiative qualifies as “change,” or what this means in terms of a specific organizational response.

Celemi Exploring change offers a structured dialog that puts the spotlight on four success factors that can fast-track change in your organization. It highlights the human dimension of change, providing valuable insights for leaders that want to help their teams or departments act on change – now and in the future. Because the only constant is change…

What clients say

“We held the workshop as part of a 2-day management meeting, as we were planning the reorganization of our European distribution chain.  The session helped us consider the full context of the change, and put the spotlight on what we need to get right, to bring people on board.”    –    Kerstin Lindell, President, and CEO, Bona AB

“We know that our IT-solutions trigger change processes, and we help our clients prepare and communicate around change. The workshop was a great tool for sharing experiences between our consultants, and brainstorming about new services we can offer to them.”    –    Business area manager, IT consultancy

Who benefits

Celemi Exploring change supports a dialog on change issues across functional and hierarchical boundaries. The workshop is designed for managers invested in making change happen (leading people or projects/initiatives). It is also appropriate for groups of high potentials and/or executive MBA students.

Key results

Organizations, divisions or teams that want to increase the return on investment for change initiatives can use the workshop to build a shared language and collective insights into what it takes to bring people on board.

The workshop provides a platform for:

  • Sharing experiences of change processes
  • Applying theoretical models for organizational change
  • Deepening the participants’ understanding of the human side of change
  • Individuals walking out with a plan for the change they are working on

Key themes and concepts

  • Organizational resistance to change
  • Communicating the greater picture
  • Emotional responses to change
  • Building shared ownership
  • Aligning internal conditions (structures and processes) to motivate employees

The workshop materials include a case story explored from the perspective of four different employees. This activity opens possibilities to add on focus sessions with a range of additional themes. Sessions can be tailored to fit the needs of a particular context or organization.

What is included?

Materials – Paper and PowerPoint-based dialog tool

Participants – People managers, change project managers, and Executive MBA students.

Time required  – A session can range from 4-7 hours

Languages – Currently available in English only

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