Business Simulation

That’s me, many years ago with more hair and less weight.  When I was a helicopter pilot in the Army, we were required to fly a certain amount of hours of simulator time every month. In the simulator, we could practice a variety of maneuvers and emergency procedures in a completely safe environment.  We could talk about the emergency procedure before and after practice, and even get a “do-over” if we failed.  This was experiential learning at its best.

At Aegis 360® Consulting, we have the same ability to help our clients learn business acumen, financial literacy, as well as a host of other business competencies using Table Top Simulations® that allows for failure, do-overs and learning at it’s best.

Ned Piloting a helicopter

Table Top Business Simulations®

Our business simulations are flexible to fit groups from entry-level to MBA programs and leadership development at fortune 500 companies.

We partner with several top-notch companies in the business simulation world such as:

Ten Thousand Feet from Main

Celemi of Sweden.  Simulations below:

Women playing business simulation game