Boat Burner

Welcome to Boat Burner!  My name is Gorgon.  I am here to help you “burn your boats.”

You might call them a To-Do list.

Legend says that Cortes burned his boats to avoid retreat.

  In other words, Come and Conquer!

This is what I help you do here at Boat Burner.  Come and conquer. 

Get all that stuff done that you just can’t seem to get done.

Why doesn’t your current list get done for you?

  • You have the wrong items on the list
  • Your are lousy at prioritizing the list.  That is about to change.
  • Lack of discipline…Gorgon is the discipline king!
  • You have your lists mixed up
  • The paradox of choice

So, are you ready to burn some boats?

Boat Burner™ is available on the App store and Google Play. Boat Burner assists with list prioritization and decision making. The proprietary process allows for the use of any and all criterion for selecting what you will do first, second, and third. The app is free and easy to use. Once you download it tap  “?” in the upper right-hand corner. This will take you to the web page and a short two-minute video on how to use the app. You can also leave feedback so we can continue on improving the experience.

Gordon The To-Do List Conquerer


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You have the wrong things on the list
You are lousy at prioritizing the list, that is about to change
Lack of discipline, Gorgon is the discipline king
You have your lists mixed up
The paradox of choice

Are you ready to burn some boats? Follow me.



Gordon says have four lists.



What goes here?

Anything you can complete in one work setting.

What does not go here?

Appointments – That is what a calendar is for.


  • Call Jim
  • Do payroll
  • Book flights
  • Work on book for 1 hour
  • Review complaint tickets
  • Review marketing proposal


What goes here?

Anything that has a deadline, budget, approval, or a plan to complete.

What does not go here?

If it is not in a ready-to-go state, no budget, no approval, or a deadline leave it on the wish list.


  • Plan annual meeting
  • Develop marketing materials
  • Design customer service survey
  • Clear systems to run the business
  • Develop KPI’s for the business
  • Design Network System for new customer


What goes here?

Stuff you would just like to have to make things run better. If it does not happen it will not be the end of the world.

What does not go here?

If it belongs in one of the other three list then don’t put it here, otherwise have at it.


  • Dual monitors for all work stations
  • White board paint on all the walls
  • Get a standing desk
  • Get a new trade show booth
  • Hire a bookkeeper
  • Re-Do office


What goes here?

All those *BHAGS you want to complete in life. Normally personal stuff.

What does not go here?

If it belongs in one of the other three lists, then don’t put it here, otherwise have at it.


  • Drive around the world
  • Be invited to the Oval Office
  • Write a book
  • Sky Dive
  • Scuba Dive
  • Go to Mt. Rushmore
* Big Harry Audacious Goals



The most important things about the To-Do List:

  • Only put things on the list that can be completed in a single work setting. For some people, this is 50 minutes for others they can work for 2 hours, the key here is that you can start it – finish it and cross it off the list.
  • Never put routine things on the list. You will do those regardless of anything else.
  • Never put appointments on the list. Those will happen at the time they are scheduled for so they are on the calendar.
  • You will notice there will be small steps from the project list that will be on the To-Do list. That is how you get those projects done. Small steps at a time. Now that you have the right stuff in the to do list in the app. BURN THE BOAT.
  • The first item on the list you will work on until it is done. It you get interrupted that is the item you will go back to until it is done. Whatever you don’t get done today will get burned again with the items you added to the list. They will get to the top of the list when they need to be there. Don’t force it.
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