“You cannot just absorb other people’s knowledge, you must create your own.” – Klaus Mellander

Our workshops are all customized to fit the needs of the client. We use highly interactive techniques to connect with the participants and bring them “to the table” of learning. One of our core beliefs is to never do for the learner what the learner can do for themselves.

We use the discovery method when designing and conducting our workshops.

All of our workshops can be delivered as a private offering for our clients. Several are also delivered as public workshops as well. Read more about each program on the links below:

Learning Circle - To learn is to discover

Turning Conflict Into Collaboration

Unresolved conflict negatively affects morale, motivation, communication, attitudes, and productivity

Crash The Barriers: Build the Team

This program is designed to teach you, as a leader, how to build teams and group interactions through a virtual setting or an on-sites, hands-on experience.

Strategic Thinking

Decision Base is the most comprehensive business management simulation in our portfolio​

Change Management

This is the newest change management training to come to the United States​

Creativity & Innovation

Participants experience and learn breakthrough creative “best practices”, tactics to drive business, personal insights, and results​

Business Acumen and Financial Literacy

Hands-on experimental program to teach finance for the non-financial person at all levels of the company