Secure Project Success

“Learning through business simulations is a great way of training! It is a very clever process, in which you learn without being aware of it!” Planning and Programs Manager, Telecom Company, Egypt

Warm-up a project team and bring out the best in each participant. Prepare your people to anticipate and navigate the heat of project pitfalls

In Celemi Cayenne™, a project has just finished. The catch? Nobody’s satisfied. The project failed to deliver as expected, the potential value was insufficiently tapped, and there were overruns. In teams, participants revisit the project to identify the issues, deliver better results, and maximize business value while balancing diverse stakeholder needs. Practice communication and decision-making and instantly see the impact of your decisions. The challenges are universal. The lessons are enduring.

Help your company learn from mistakes long before the stakes are high by playing Celemi Cayenne™ — the secret ingredient for securing project success!

When To Use Celemi Cayenne™

  • When kicking off a new project
  • To get an existing project back on track
  • To create good conditions for successful joint projects between system suppliers and their clients
  • To build a common vocabulary and understanding between specialists and generalists
  • To complement general project management training courses focusing on administrative or operational aspects


Cayenne is available in Bulgarian, Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Lithuanian, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Romanian, Spanish (Europe), Swedish and Turkish.

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