Checkpoint 360

CheckPoint 360°™ Candidate Hiring 

Perfect Candidate Hire

CheckPoint 360° Helps Your Organization:
• Develop leadership skills
• Improve job performance by using multiple points of feedback
• Boost employee morale, productivity, and satisfaction
• Improve management training and skills development
• Identify talent gaps and develop critical skills


Use CheckPoint 360

• Leadership development
• Performance management
• Identification of talent gaps

Measure a Manager or Leader's Performance

The process is simple.  The CheckPoint 360° survey combines feedback from direct reports, peers, supervisors, and others who work with your leaders.

  • Survey results highlight a manager’s performance across eight management competencies: communication, leadership, adaptability, task management, relationships, production, development of others, and personal development.
  • Identify talents, talent gaps, and focus areas to build personalized development
  • Determine alignment opportunities between the leader and the organization