Unify Your Teams and Drive Strategic Action with the Integrated Strategic Roadmap.

Businessman with two woman workers on each side at a desk looking at a document

Harness data, mindmapping, and collaborative insights to create a powerful, actionable Integrated Strategic Roadmap for your business.

Integrated Strategic Roadmap
Number 1

In-Person Kick Off Meeting

  • preview of the process
  • develop timeline
  • set deliverables
  • establish survey
  • establish steering group
  • start Value Bridge
Step 3

Analyze Data

  • prepare for facilitated session
  • collate SWOT
  • determine themes
  • select areas of focus
  • research industry specific issues
Step 5

In-Person Review Results

  • meet with steering group
  • assign deadlines and champions
  • review results
  • develop signals for success
Road with icons in the curves
Step 2

Harness Data

  • gather contact information
  • send out survey
  • conduct interviews (if required)
  • financial review
  • capacity review
Step 4

In-Person Facilitated Session

  • overview of data
  • progressive mind mapping session
  • collaborate insights
  • set action plan
Step 6

In-Person Deliver Actionable Roadmap

  • employee communication
  • stakeholder communication
  • deliver full report
  • consultants recommendations
  • full survey results

Achieve organizational unity and alignment with a comprehensive, data-driven strategic plan.


Foster collaboration and engagement across all levels of your organization.

Drive growth and success with a clear, actionable roadmap for the future.

Struggling to Align Your Organization and Drive Strategic Action?

It’s a common challenge – disparate teams, disconnected strategies, and a lack of clear direction. You’re dealing with misaligned goals, ineffective communication, and a lack of engagement from the front line to the front office. It’s frustrating, it’s draining, and it’s impacting your bottom line.

With our Integrated Strategic Roadmap service, we help you harness the power of data, mindmapping, and collaborative insights to create a unified, action-oriented strategic plan. We bring your entire organization together, aligning your teams and strategies to drive your business forward.

What Makes the Integrated Strategic Roadmap Different?

Discover the unique benefits of our Integrated Strategic Roadmap service and how it can transform your organization from the inside out.

Organizational Unity

With our Integrated Strategic Roadmap, we foster a sense of shared purpose across all levels of your organization, from the front line to the front office, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose.


Our strategic planning process leverages data and mindmapping to provide a clear, actionable roadmap for your business, eliminating confusion and indecision.


By involving all members of your organization in the strategic planning process, we boost engagement and buy-in, driving effective implementation of the plan.


Our Integrated Strategic Roadmap not only aligns your organization but also sets the stage for sustainable growth, helping you achieve your long-term business goals.


Ned is thoughtful and engaging, and he cares deeply about delivering as a consultant. Moreover, he really listens and has a genuine interest in learning more about you, your organization, and your team members. Ned offers valuable insights that have a lasting effect.

Paul Bolino, MSEd, LPCC-S, CDCA

CEO, Community Counseling Center

Ned has a special ability to facilitate and train business leaders to collectively articulate their individual ideas and constructively develop those ideas into collaborative, company goals. He provides tangible results with buy-in and actionable, attainable guidelines to realistically reach those goals. He is approachable, real and is able to weed out the unnecessary while driving intentional focus.
Heather Milburn

Firm Administrator, Investment Partners, LTD

The CCA has maintained a ten-year relationship with Ned Parks and Aegis 360. We have used Ned’s services for executive coaching, new management training, and conflict resolution, amongst other services. Ned’s guidance has proven to be value-adding and impactful, positively influencing the organizational culture and business outcomes. Our employees always look forward to training with Ned.

Aaron Poklar

M.B.A. , Catholic Cemeteries Association

Empowering Strategy: What’s in the Roadmap?

Several distinct features make our Integrated Strategic Roadmap a game-changer for your business strategy.

Data-Driven Process

Our strategic planning process is rooted in data, providing a solid foundation for your roadmap. This ensures your strategy is based on facts, not assumptions.


We use progressive mindmapping techniques to visualize your strategy, making it easier to understand and communicate. This helps align your team and foster collaboration.


Our process involves all levels of your organization, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose. This boosts engagement and buy-in, driving effective implementation.


The Integrated Strategic Roadmap is not just a plan, but a call to action. It provides clear, actionable steps for your team to follow, driving your business forward.


We tailor the roadmap to your specific business needs and goals. This ensures your strategy is relevant and effective.


Our roadmap is designed to scale with your business. As your business grows, the roadmap can be adapted and expanded to meet your evolving needs.


The roadmap includes mechanisms for accountability and support, ensuring that everyone in your organization is on track and contributing to the strategic goals.

Long-Term Focus

While the roadmap includes short-term actions, it also focuses on your long-term goals. This helps ensure sustainable growth and success for your business.

Expert Guidance

Our team of experts brings a wealth of industry knowledge and experience to the strategic planning process. We provide valuable insights and guidance every step of the way.

Why Choose Aegis360 for Your Business Success?

Choose the Integrated Strategic Roadmap and envision a future of unity, clarity, and growth. Break free from the status quo and embrace strategic commitment.

“Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans.” – Peter Drucker

Be the visionary leader who empowers others to become leaders themselves. Take the first step and embark on your roadmap journey today.


Q1: How long does it take to create a Integrated Strategic Roadmap?

A: The timeline can vary depending on the size and complexity of your organization. However, we aim to deliver a comprehensive roadmap within three months of starting the process.

Q2: How do we implement the Integrated Strategic Roadmap once it’s created?

A: Implementation is a critical part of the process. We provide ongoing support and guidance to help you put the roadmap into action and overcome any challenges along the way.

Q3: What if our organization is resistant to change?

A: Resistance to change is a common challenge. Our approach is designed to foster buy-in and engagement from all levels of your organization, helping to overcome resistance and drive effective implementation.

Q4: How do we measure the success of the Integrated Strategic Roadmap?

A: The roadmap includes key performance indicators (KPIs) and other metrics to track progress and measure success. We also provide ongoing support to help you analyze the data and make necessary adjustments.

Q5: What if our needs change after the roadmap is created?

A: The Integrated Strategic Roadmap is designed to be flexible and adaptable. If your needs change, we can adjust the roadmap accordingly to ensure it continues to serve your business effectively.