Leadership Development

Leadership development is the activity of helping an organization or individual learn and utilize leadership skills. No matter what position a person holds, they can and should be leaders; however, this becomes even more relevant when they move into a position of authority.

According to a 2015 report from the World Economic Forum, we are in a leadership development crisis globally.

Some studies have shown that less than 40% of people claim leadership programs are effective. To combat this statistic, Aegis 360® Consulting works with you to link the organization’s unique needs to specific training or coaching.

We start with a simple interview-style needs assessment to learn what specific training you will benefit from the most. Then we design a program to fit your leadership development needs using various delivery methods, including facilitation, coaching, and Table Top Business™ Simulations. We also examine your company values and ethics statements to ensure these competencies are trained.

We cover many competencies in our leadership development training.  This includes supervision, management, leadership, conflict and change, team building, interpersonal communication skills, and business acumen. We also believe that basic finance for the non-financial manager is necessary to develop a great leader.  Also, learning how to deliver difficult messages are essential skills we teach leaders.

Our Philosophy On Leadership Development

Training of any kind is often a one and done type of experience. When possible, we recommend a series of training/coaching/interaction to get to the desired results. We design our programs to fit your needs.

Key objectives our training drives towards:

  • Respect-Treat people as they should be treated
  • Honor-Live to the values of self and the organization
  • Ethics-Do what is right for the right reasons, legally and morally
  • Leadership Service-Lead for the people and the organization first
  • Personal Courage-Leadership can be scary, rise above it