Corporate Research & Survey

Corporate Research

Have you asked the following QUESTIONS?

  • What would our employees say if asked…?
  • Are they hearing what I am saying?
  • Do our vendors like doing business with us?
  • What are our customers not telling us?
    Word Survey with Decorative graphs around it

    Why A Survey

    You cannot learn where you are asking yourself the same questions. You will get the same answers. Honest leadership uses data to drive decisions. Our surveys are professional and designed by professionals in their field.

    We collaborate with The Corporate University at Kent State Stark to provide you with the best surveys to make decisions in the following areas:

    • Organizational culture
    • Employee engagement
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Competitive analysis
    • Community outreach
    • Product development

      How We Do It

      Our research team compiles qualitative and quantitative research reports through a consultative needs analysis discussion supported with:

      • Customized research designs
      • Focus groups
      • Interviews
      • Surveys
      • Confidential data collection
      • Valid and reliable data analysis
      • Executive presentations