Table Top Business Simulations®

Pilots, military personnel, and medical professionals all go through simulations before entering the workforce. Why don’t we routinely do the same in business?  

Business simulations are the bridge between classroom learning and real-life challenges. They are a hands-on learning method that imitates the real world, allowing your people to practice and improve their business acumen in a safe, risk-free environment.

Leading corporations use business simulations to improve performance in all aspects of their business, including sales, supply chain management, project management, implementing change, and overall financial acumen. Business simulations can fit four years into just one day, allowing teams to compete each other and see how their actions play out over time.

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Secure Project Success 

Celemi Tango

Strategic Leadership

Change Management

Change Management Training 

Decision Base

Prepare Your Future Leaders

Decision Mojo

Decision Making Brought To Life


Exercise Your Business Mind

Partner Stock

Unlock Your Supply Chain Potential

Finance For Non-Finance Manager

Understanding finance and business

Service Industry

Finance For Non-Finance Manager – Service Industry

Healthcare Industry

Finance For Non-Finance Manager – Healthcare Industry

Manufacturing Industry

Finance For Non-Finance Manager – Manufacturing Industry

Retail Industry

Finance For Non-Finance Manager – Retail Industry