Unlock Your Supply Chain Potential

Are you struggling with inventory levels and lead times?

Do your colleagues continue cemented behaviors – despite directives, training, and kickoffs?

Then Celemi PartnerStock™ might be for you!

Two ladies looking over documents

 Celemi PartnerStock™ is a competitive and interactive simulation.

PartnerStock™ benefits everybody influencing the supply chain; purchasing, planning, manufacturing, sales, etc. The participants get hands-on experience from simulated life-like, inventory-related dilemmas and challenges. They must prioritize their limited resources to overcome the challenges. The goal is to optimize inventory levels while managing customer satisfaction and profit.

The facilitator-led, face-to-face simulation is run in groups of 8-30 participants, grouped into competing teams of 3 or 4. The competitive, interactive team setup guarantees engagement and efficient learning.