Free Downloads

On this page, you will find free stuff, also known as resources to help you with a variety of topics. No worries here, we will not ask for a thing, just take it and use it.

Here is what you cannot do with it. Try and sell or brand it as your own.  If you have any questions about any of this, just drop us a line, and we will answer your question.

Growth Risk Matrix

So you want to grow your business and you have a “eureka moment” idea. Good for you! Better figure out how it fits on the matrix and what you will have to do to make it successful before you start down that path.

Business Owner Questionnaire

You are not sure if you need help with your business or not, so you want to get some answers to some questions before you start talking to anyone. Have at it.

SMART Goals Template

Do you need help with goal setting? Download this Smart Goals template.

Profit Simulator

Do you want to offer discount pricing to get more sales? Better think long and hard about how that will work. Use the Celemi Profit Simulator to figure out how much you need to sell before you start slashing prices.

Business Canvas Template

What business is your company in?  What do you sell? What do your customers buy?  Not sure?  Download our Business Canvas template.