Finance For Non-Financial Manager

Apples & Oranges ™ Health Care 

Apples & Oranges™ Health Care brings financial statements to life through a simple, visual hands-on model of a health care organization. Participants form the incoming management team of A&O Inc. – an established organization facing tough challenges.

The team will lead the organization from mediocrity to excellence via a series of exercises representing the foundation of business in a health care organization. Invite people to think like business owners – so they can base their future decisions on sound business thinking.

As you make the transition from individual contributor to functional manager and to business leader you will need to gain the practical skills, knowledge, and confidence to make the change quickly and effectively. Finance for the non-financial manager is an essential training event for you.

This program takes you on an experiential journey of learning in a fun and challenging way.

We teach finance for the non-financial manager using the world-renowned Apples and Oranges™ from Celemi International.

“In one of our factories, we came up with £1 million worth of potential improvements as a direct result of the Celemi business simulation.”

– Manager, GlaxoSmithKline

Teams Will Be Challenged With:

  • Staff scheduling
  • Patient mix
  • Re-admissions
  • Customer satisfaction measures
  • Record-keeping compliance
  • Billing and coding accuracy
  • Capacity utilization
  • Speeding up service, collections,
    and billing
  • Reducing costs
  • Capital expenditures

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