Corporate HR Services

Aegis 360 provides corporate HR services in the following three areas:

  • Recruiting Process
  • Talent Assessment
  • Turnover Analysis

Bring your team a new understanding of the open position and ask questions to make the right match to reduce turnover and improve productivity today!

Recruiting Process

Hire for culture and fit. Hiring the wrong candidate will not set your culture where you want it and will increase turnover and cost.

Planning will make your recruiting process more targeted. You are more likely to identify a candidate that will make a great match by being able to do the job, love the job and get along with well the team.

  • Identify Culture and Recruiting deficiencies
  • Understand the role and job description along with critical success factors and expectations
  • Create Job Description and Advertisement
  • Create interview questions based on behavior and competencies and help structure the interview process for phone or in-person interviews
  • Determine best-recruiting methods using traditional and social media options

Talent Assessment 

Understand leadership structure and how to plan for future will help you kick off your succession planning process.  Make team development meaningful to grow your talent in-house.

  • Interview talent (up to 10 participants)
  • Administer DiSC assessments for each and review results
  • DiSC feedback and lead a behavioral communication workshop
  • Provide summary report regarding developmental needs

    Turnover Analysis 

    Turnover is expensive and wastes money, time and energy.  Your company will not reduce turnover cost without understanding reasons behind turnover.  An analysis will provide you with a strategy to reduce turnover.

    • Understand business issues around turnover
    • Gather historical information about hires and terminations, termination reasons, job titles and departments
    • Complete analysis of annual and 1styear turnover
    • Create an understanding of the results tell us with a summary report
    • Create strategy to reduce turnover, to identify managers who need leadership skills training and put goals and plans in place