What causes you to run INTO a burning building as fast as you can, pulling your hair out and praying for your own demise?  Someone scheduled a meeting! We’ve all been there…..

Stop thinking the word “meeting” and ask WHY people are so fed up and resistant to meetings. The answer is simple. People at the core feel that a poorly run meeting is disrespectful to them, their time, and their intelligence.  Put simply, they are frustrated.

Here are some “Ned-isms” on running successful meetings:

Rule #1        Pre-read

Notes or discussion items should be read BEFORE the meeting. In other words, send materials to participants a few days in advance.  If the individual chooses not to pre-read; they lose out on that part of the conversation. They either live with it or make it a priority to be prepared next time.  In any case, all attendees time should be respected.  So continue on without delay.

Rule #2          Time

Start on time, end on time, period, no discussion.  If you are late, then you miss out.  Don’t vilify those who are late. Don’t stop the meeting and bring them up to speed or give them special attention.  Attendees who arrive on time should not be punished for those who are late.  Meetings should allow for each item to be discussed.  Then, ask the group for input or comments before moving on to the next topic.  And always allow for Q & A.

Rule #3          Agenda

Have one!  Send it as a stand-alone list, or with other items that need to be reviewed; but it should go out ahead of time.  Nothing is more aggravating than sitting in a meeting while everyone reads the meeting agenda, during the meeting.

Use these three simple rules to more meaningful, productive meetings.