Goal Setting


Goal setting can really be a pain, due in large part to the miserable “rules” out there.  So, with that in mind, let’s break the rules!

Here are a few quick tips to make sure the goals you set have a chance of coming to success.

  • Write them down.
  • Make them real to YOU.
  • Set big, scary goals.
  • Better to aim too high and miss than aim too low and hit it.
  • Share the goal with people that will support you in your effort to achieve it.
  • Set goals in different areas of your life, keep things balanced.
  • Don’t try and complete your goals in one big step.  Instead, set baby steps along the way.   Next thing you know, they will be done!


This is one of the biggest areas of goal setting that trips people up.  They set goals with no good reason.   Thedate arrives; then you discover it is not accomplished.  You say to yourself  “Oh well, guess I am a failure.”  Nonsense! Unless there is some compelling reason for the date, just change it.  It’s that simple.

Following the SMART goals format which has been around for years, will help you develop and achieve your goal.

SMART stands for:

Specific – Define your goal.  What do you want to accomplish?  Does it make sense and do others understand it?

Measurable – Can you track the progress and measure the outcome?  How much and how many?  How will I know when my goal is accomplished?  Always be sure to support your number with facts.

Attainable/Achievable – Is the goal reasonable enough to be achieved?    Are other people involved and will it affect them?  If the answer is “yes” then, how so?  Make sure the goal is not out of reach or below standard performance.

Realistic/Relevant – Is the goal worthwhile and will it meet your needs?  How does it fit into your key responsibilities?  What are some of the obstacles and how will you overcome them?

Time-Based –  Finally, set a target date and include a time limit.  I will complete my task by……?  Draft a schedule and a timeline.  This will establish a sense of urgency while prompting you to focus and manage the time.

Following these five steps will get you started on not only setting your goals, but accomplishing them too.  Use the link below to download a sample SMART goals worksheet.