“People tend to look to improve on products and services that already exist, but after playing The Medici Game we were inspired to think beyond the usual. At Rockwell, thinking creatively and having an entrepreneurial spirit are important, so this was a perfect fit and an effective way to spend an afternoon.”

Nick Nichols, Training Manager, Rockwell Automation, USA

Use The Medici Game™ When You Want To: 

  • Inspire people to think outside the box
  • Reach a shared understanding through communication and discovery
  • Create an innovative environment and support a cultural shift
  • Kick off a conference, project, or other initiative and open employees’ minds

What Your People Will Learn 

The Medici Game™ is a creative simulation where participants experience and learn breakthrough creative “best practices”, tactics to drive business, personal insights, and results. These skills are applied to a current challenge, project, or initiatives within their organization.

How we make it happen?

The game is based on the bestselling book “The Medici Effect” by Frans Johansson. Johansson introduces the land of ideas; the Intersection;  a place where ideas from different fields and cultures meet and collide, ultimately igniting an explosion of extraordinary new innovations.

During the Medici Game, your employees get to consider what type of conditions foster, obstruct or innovate and consider whether they’re currently working with the right assumptions. They will be able to think of how well their organization today leverages on the company diversity to explore, find, and capitalize on new growth opportunities.

What Medici Game ™ Addresses 

  • Creative “best practices”
  • Innovation
  • Personal insights
  • Tactics to drive business
  • Disruptive innovation vs. sustaining innovation



This workshop is available in Bulgarian, Danish, English, French, German, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Polish, Russian, Spanish (Europe), Swedish and Turkish.