Decision MOJO

Decision Making Brought To Life


There is no activity more fundamental to personal and organizational success than decision making. It is the one task shared by every leader and professional in an organization, and it is the sum of these decisions that determines the future of the organization.

Yet there is never a guarantee that leaders and professionals will always make good decisions, even in the most favorable circumstances. Being able to consistently make timely, high-quality decisions in challenging situations is an even rarer skill.

Decision MOJO is a highly experiential and practical. Throughout the workshop, key techniques for creating immediately actionable learning are employed, and participants leave the course with a set of tools to help them apply what they learned as they continue to refine their decision-making skills.

Decision MOJO draws on the most recent research in research in neuroscience, decision theory, and behavioral economics.

An Organization’s Continued Success Requires A Cadre Of Leaders And Professionals Skilled In The Art & Science Of Good Decision-Making 

Specifically, during the Decision Mojo™ workshop participants learn:
• The UPS model of decision traps, when these traps are likely
to occur, and how they can negatively impact a decision.
Uncertainty related traps
Pattern recognition traps
Simplifying traps
• How to apply the FIT decision process to improve organizational and
personal decision-making.
Framing the Decision
Harnessing Information
Engaging the Team
• The best decision-making strategies for different types of situations.

Decision Mojo™ is exciting, interactive and practical. Throughout the workshop key practices for creating
immediately actionable skills are employed. Participants leave with a set of tools to accelerate their success
and cascade FIT to their teams. A set of Go-Do’s creates a community of Decision Mojo™ practice and impact.