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Design Thinking could solve your Employee Engagement Woes

From our friends at ExperiencePoint

We’ve written numerous posts on how design thinking can help HR teams with a variety of challenges. Judging by recent media coverage, it looks like the People Ops industry is getting the message. HR seems to be embracing design thinking as a way to solve a myriad of workforce problems.

Last week, HR Dive, one of the industry’s most trusted sources of HR news, ran one of their famous “Deep Dive” pieces on design thinking and HR.

The site profiled Pearlie Oni, a senior manager of employee experience at RedPeg marketing.

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The Pain and Agony of Hiring New Employees

I hear at least one of these daily…..

Why is there so much pain and agony in hiring new employees?
They interviewed perfectly, then turned out to be terrible.
I have no idea what questions to ask.
We need someone now!
We needed someone right away then hired the wrong person.
They just didn’t fit.
What did HR see in this person?
What did the hiring manager see in this person?
Can’t I just give them some sort of test?

While this does not even come close to all the complaints, it is a list of some more common ones.

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Business Learning: Did the 10 in 70-20-10 become 10 because it just sucked so badly?


Business Learning: Did the 10 in 70-20-10 become 10 because it just sucked so badly?

My good friend and fellow Celemi facilitator, James Van Der Westhuizen, from South Africa, is this week’s guest columnist. He is really giving us something to think about when it comes to training.

Below is an excerpt from his article:

Having a group of people in a room – able to focus on learning, getting to know each other, benchmarking their skills against each other and getting to practice and learn by doing is an exceptionally effective way

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Do You Have An Interview Strategy?


This week’s article continues on the topic of interviewing.  Katherine Burik, discusses the process of putting together an interview strategy.

A good job interview is more than asking questions

You posted the job. You have resumes. Three candidates arrive on Monday. You are all set!!!

If only it was that easy. You are missing a crucial step.

What is your interview strategy? Without an interview strategy, how will you know what to do or say during the interviews? You have some work to do.

Do a little planning before the interviews to ensure the interview yields

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Are You a Terrible Interviewer?

Also known as the Interview Doctor, Katherine Burik is part of the Aegis team specializing in interview techniques that produce outstanding hiring results.  We are proud to be featuring one of her articles this week.

“Terrible” is such an awful word.  I don’t mean to insult anyone.  I really don’t.  But now that I have your attention let’s test this concept bit.

I come to this conclusion after talking to a lot of hiring managers who regularly interview people.  They hate interviewing.  Some hiring managers might bluster a bit, but if pressed they will

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Why We Hate Meetings and What To Do About It

From time to time we have a guest blogger. This week our guest is Eric Camulli, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management at 7 Signal in Akron, Ohio.


Meetings. We need them but we hate them. Why? Because we neither know how to run them nor participate in them.  As a result, they drain the battery of your organization instead of being an effective and efficient instrument for propelling business success.  It’s easy to say that we hate meetings because they are too long, or because they are too many. This

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Customer Service

I have long held that customer service is first and foremost a leadership activity, not a front-line activity. This, of course, is counter-intuitive. We think customer service stays with the person delivering the service such as the nurse, waiter, sales associate or provider. While on the delivery side, this is true.   However, what is [...]
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The Speed of the Leader is the Speed of the Team

In this final video series with The Corporate University at Kent State Stark, I interviewed Riley Lochridge, then, President and CEO of ComDoc.   We talked about how trust, accountability, and how learning from our mistakes makes us better leaders.

Listen to what he had to say…

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Getting High-Quality Products with High-Quality Associates

How do you get high-quality products?  With high-quality associates, of course!

The third video in my CEO project series with The Corporate University at Kent State Stark discusses how to maintain high-quality within the organization.  I interviewed Bob Shearer, then, President and CEO of Shearer’s Snacks.   We reviewed how the organization gets to high-quality products, which included this intriguing fact: if you don’t want to sit and eat with an individual, then you may not want them to work for you.

Listen to what he had to say…..

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Strategy and Tactics: Military Leadership vs. Civilian Leadership

I spent many years in the U.S. Army as a Chief Warrant Office 3 (CW3).  I have heard over and over again that leading in the military is easy compared to the leading in the civilian world.  I cannot disagree more.

In 2009, working a project with The Corporate University at Kent State Stark, I recorded a series of videos, interviewing three CEOs.  We talked about a variety of topics from leadership to succession planning.

In this interview with Trina Cutter, President, and CEO of Western Reserve Public media we talked about strategy

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